HP ProCurve 1800-24G忘记交换机IP地址或管理密码

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惠普HP ProCurve Switch 1800-24G忘记交换机IP地址或管理密码恢复出厂设置,解决办法如下:

HP ProCurve Switch 1800-24G忘记交换机IP地址或管理密码-顾辰的技术博客


HP ProCurve Switch 1800-24G忘记交换机IP地址或管理密码-顾辰的技术博客


1) If a port link light does not light when a cable is connected.
The network connection may not be working properly. Please try the following solutions:
1.For the indicated port, verify that both ends of the cabling, at the switch and the connected device, are secure.
2.Verify the connected device and switch are both powered on and operating correctly.
3.Verify that the connected devices comply with the appropriate IEEE 802.3 standard, including transmission of the Link signal.
4.If the other procedures don’t resolve the problem, try using a different port or a different cable.

2) If the Power LED is off with the power adapter plugged in.
The switch may not be plugged into an active AC power source, or the switch’s power supply may have failed. Please try the following solutions:
1.Verify the power adapter is plugged into an active power source and to the switch. Make sure these connections are snug.
2.Try power cycling the switch by unplugging and plugging the power adapter back in.
3.If the Power LED is still not on, verify that the AC power source works by plugging another device into the outlet. Or try plugging the switch into a different outlet or try a different power adapter.
4.If the power source and power adapter are OK and this condition persists, the switch power supply may have failed. Call your ProCurve authorized LAN dealer, or use the electronic support services from ProCurve to get assistance. See the Customer Support/Warranty booklet for more information.

3) If you have forgotten the switch’s IP address or password.
If you have forgotten the switch’s IP address or administration password you can return the switch to its factory default state by doing the following:
1.Remove the power adapter from the back of the switch.
2.Connect port 1 to port 2, on the front panel, using a standard network cable.
3.Reconnect the power adapter to the rear of the switch.
4.Wait at least 40 seconds before disconnecting port 1 from port 2.
After completing this procedure, the password will be empty, the network address will be returned to the default, and all configuration settings will be returned to the original factory defaults.

4) If you believe the switch is not operating correctly.
You can reset the switch to test its circuitry and operating code. To reset the switch:
1.Unplug and plug in the power adapter (power cycling)
Power cycling the switch will cause the switch to perform its power-on self test. In most cases this will resolve any temporary operational problems. This reset process will cause the network traffic counters to be reset to zero and the System Up Time timer to reset to zero.

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